• Panasonic UD-710A automatic TLD Reader


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    UD-710A reader without autoloader.  It is always good to have a spare reader on hand, and this is an inexpensive way to do it.

    The UD-710 reader will automatically identify and read the various types of Panasonic dosimeters.  This reader is the workhorse of Panasonic TLD operations worldwide.  Preferred for its stable heating profile, this reader is used for operations, and even by those who have UD-7900 or UD-716 readers for annealing dosimeters (due to its superior heating properties).  The reader can accomodate single racks of 50 dosimeters through a side feeding shelf. 

    You can purchase the UD-736 autoloader separately which will accomodate up to 10 racks of 50 dosimeters and connect electronically with the UD-710 for continuous operation.  One UD-710 reader would be sufficient to operate a TLD service, though two would increase throughput and provide a backup for use during maintenance periods. 

    The UD-710 reader can also be used to upgrade to a UD-7900.  The UD-7900 utilizes most of the mechanics and much of the electronics of the UD-710.  A relatively low cost way to have a UD-7900 is to buy a UD-710 with a UD-734 and send them to Panasonic for an upgrade to UD-7900 at a considerable savings.

    We have turn-key solutions available and can train your personnel and have onsite setup and future maintenance contracts.  Just let us know.  If you are new to TLD processing, the onsite setup and training are key.

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