• ORTEC 572 Spectroscopy Amplifier


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  • Description

    • General-purpose amplifier for energy spectroscopy with all types of detectors

    • Built-in pile-up rejector and gated BLR with automatic thresholds for excellent performance at high counting rates

    • Unipolar and bipolar outputs

    • Active filter networks with wide range of time constants

    • Wide gain range

    The ORTEC Model 572A Amplifier is ideally suited for use with germanium detectors, silicon charged-particle detectors, proportional counters, scintillation counters, and pulsed ion
    chambers. It includes an automatic gated baseline restorer and a built-in pile-up rejector to provide exceptionally stable performance over a very wide dynamic range. System resolution is nearly
    independent of input counting rate

    We have other associated cables and HPGe and NaI detectors available for spectroscopy along with N2 dewars, MCA's and associated equipment.  Call or email with any questions.

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