• Ludlum Model 2350 Ratemeter/Scaler/Data Logger


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    The general purpose Model 2350-1 is Ludlum's most advanced ratemeter/scaler/data logger, and is designed to satisfy a wide range of applications. The large backlit LCD presents bar graphs, digital readings, and logged data on an 8-line by 15-character display. Up to 1000 data points can be stored, along with the location, date/time stamp, detector, count mode, count time, logging mode, and sample number. Location code information can be input via an optional bar code reader.

    You will need to buy a keypad separately to access the programming on the meter.  We may have them in stock, check for Programmable Terminal - Model L-4334-066

    Alternatively, you can use the Counts.Pro to easily access the data generated by the meter.

    Add a Counts.Pro for $399 to digitize your surveys and turn your meter into a digital scaler/ratemeter/cloud connected GPS datalogger!  Take your meter to the next level with Counts.Pro

  • Ludlum Model 2350 Ratemeter/Scaler/Data Logger
  • Ludlum Model 2350 Ratemeter/Scaler/Data Logger

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