• Eberline E-130A Survey Meter (no probe needed) - USED


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    We are selling several of these, the photo is of a single unit.  They are all in the same condition. These are not pristine collectors items, but they are fully functional and ready for use.  All the lettering on the cover is legible.

    Eberline E-130A is a midrange radiation detector that will read from 1 mrem to 1000 mrem using an internal Geiger Mueller (GM) detector.  NO PROBE NEEDED!!.  See markings on the outer case to show you were the center of the actual detector is.  These units are fairly small as you can see by the size of the handle.  It is about 7" long and 6" high.

    The unit requires 2 D cells to power (D cells not included).  If you want to hear the clicks, you will need to buy an SK-1 speaker SEPARATELY which we can add for $40 with the associated cable and Eveready 504 battery.

    This meter is capable of measuring a radiation field and is a low cost way to know if significant radiation levels are present that would pose a problem to you and your family.  It will not measure fluctuations in background radiation (we have stuff that will if you want that).  These meters are regularly used in nuclear stations around the country by industry professionals to accurately measure radiation fields.  A calibration is not necessary for most people, but if you would like one, we can provide fully NIST Traceable ANSI Certified calibration of this meter for $80 extra (we have to calibrate it for dose rate which generally costs more).

    We offer a 30 day unconditional warrantee.

  • Eberline E-130A Survey Meter (no probe needed) - USED
  • Eberline E-130A Survey Meter (no probe needed) - USED
  • Eberline E-130A Survey Meter (no probe needed) - USED

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