• Ludlum Model 1000 Digital Scaler with adjustable HV


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    These are nice looking Ludlum Model 1000 scalers. They have adjustable HV up to 2500V and can run GM detectors, proportional counters, and scintillation detectors such as NaI.  A scaler is a must have item for science experiments or for assay of radioactive material in the environment.  A hand held GM is OK, but for measuring variations in background radiation, or for finding out if something is contaminated a scaler is the way to go.

    These are the same types of meters used in laboratories and nuclear stations across the country.  We offer unconditional warrantees with all equipment we sell.

    Digital Scaler

    5 decades counting

    Adjustable HV 0-2500V

    Gross counting scaler

    120VAC required for use (these come with modern 3-prong power cords that are the usual ones you see on the back of computers).

    C type connectors.

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