• Canberra iCAM Alpha Beta Air Monitor


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    The iCAM alpha beta continuous air monitor forms part of the CAMSYS product line. It monitors airborne alpha and beta particulate activity in the workplace. It acts as a simple alarming monitor for operators, while measuring airborne activities in real time with the sophistication required to provide low false alarm rates and high protection levels. At the same time it provides automated facilities which assist supervisors to conduct detailed setup and operational overview. 

    The iCAM measures airborne alpha and beta particulate activity with dynamic radon/ thoron alpha and beta background compensation. It also provides static or dynamic compensation of beta measurements for gamma background depending
    on the choice of detector type.  The iCAM has high detection efficiency for both
    alpha and beta particles and provides good sensitivity for low energy beta detection down to 50 keV.

    • Continuous monitoring of both alpha and beta activity in air
    • Alpha MCA spectroscopy and separate beta discrimination
    • Excellent low energy beta performance
    • Auto-adaptive spectrometric compensation for radon/thoron
    • Simple and automated checks for calibration, gain and efficiency
    • RS485, RS232 and Ethernet communication interfaces
    • 3 - 6 months data archive with detailed event log

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    You will need to buy a sample pump for this unit.  You can use one of your own, or buy the Canberra pump designed for this unit that we have in a separate listing.

  • Canberra iCAM Alpha Beta Air Monitor
  • Canberra iCAM Alpha Beta Air Monitor
  • Canberra iCAM Alpha Beta Air Monitor
  • Canberra iCAM Alpha Beta Air Monitor
  • Canberra iCAM Alpha Beta Air Monitor

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