• Canberra Argos 5AB Alpha-Beta Personnel Monitor


  • $25,000.00 $75,000.00

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  • Description

    From the Manufacturer:

    The CANBERRA Argos-AB family of Whole Body Surface Contamination Monitors provides the ultimate user-friendly operation, with thorough and reliable detection of external contamination on personnel working in nuclear environments.

    The Argos-5AB features their most advanced gas flow detectors optimized for the best possible alpha and beta response (along with minimizing the gamma response). The detectors have been arranged in a configuration that minimizes dead space and provides optimal contour geometry and coverage for the occupant.

    All Argos monitors use a sophisticated "fast following" background trending and release-limit algorithm to provide the best possible performance in a stable or varying radiation field.

    Excellent detector protection, modularity of components, and extensive diagnostics result in direct reductions in maintenance, repair, and operations costs.

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